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Duke Kunshan University offers a world-class education for highly qualified students from all backgrounds. The cost of attending Duke Kunshan reflects the university’s commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience and is comparable to that of other leading private universities.

Duke Kunshan is committed to enrolling a highly talented, diverse and international student body.  Scholarship support is available to support these goals.  All applicants will automatically be considered for available scholarships, up to and including full scholarships.

Special financial aid will be offered to all Chinese students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to lower the tuition standard to RMB 160,000 per year.  Additional scholarships of varying amounts will be available based on academic achievement and family financial circumstances. Admitted students will be given an opportunity to submit supplemental financial information.

Tuition and Fees for the 2022-2023 Academic Year*

MP 2022-2023 Cost of Attendance for International Students
 1st Year  2nd Year  
Fall 2022Spring 2023TotalFall 2022Spring 2023Total
at DKUat DKU8/20 – 12/16 at Dukeat DKU
Health Insurance$1,057$-$1,057$1,630$528.57$2,769
“Student Fees
(Health Fee, Recreation Fee, etc.)”$-$-$-$623$-$1,037
Transcript Fee$-$-$120
Health Fee$-$429$-$723
Activity Fee$-$18$-$18
Graduate Student Serv Fee$-$10$-$10
Recreation Fee$-$166$-$166
Total – Tuition/Fees$28,897$27,840$56,737$30,093$28,369$59,486
Books & Supplies$333$333$666$312$333$645
Domestic/Int’l Travel$2,250$2,250$-$2,250$2,250
Local Transportation$-$-$-$736$-$1,288
Personal & Misc.$857$1,071$1,929$1,600$1,071$3,871
Total – Living Expense$5,743$3,707$9,450$8,440$5,957$20,727
Living Expense$5,743$3,707$9,450$8,440$5,957$20,727
Total Cost of Attendance$34,973$31,880$66,853$38,845$34,659$80,858
MP 2022-2023 Cost of Attendance for Chinese Students
 1st Year  2nd Year  
Fall 2022Spring 2023TotalFall 2022Spring 2023Total
at DKU8/14 – 12/18 at Dukeat DKU
Health Insurance3003001141030015980
“Student Fees
(Health Fee, Recreation Fee, etc.)”¥-¥-¥-4361¥-7259
Transcript Fee¥-¥-¥-840
Health Fee¥-3003¥-5061
Activity Fee¥-126¥-126
Graduate Student Serv Fee¥-70¥-70
Recreation Fee¥-1162¥-1162
Total – Tuition/Fees90300900001803008777172300203239
Books & Supplies233123314662218423314515
Domestic/Int’l Travel10001000200015750100016750
Local Transportation¥-¥-¥-5152¥-9016
Personal & Misc.600075001350011200750027100
Total – Living Expense2545026950524007483026950146090
Living Expense2545026950524007483026950146090
Total Cost of Attendance118081119281237362164785101581353844

*All figures are estimates only.

Cost of Attendance Notes
  • All fees and rates provided at this time are estimates and are subject to change.

  • Duke Kunshan student residence and dining facilities are closed during the winter break between the fall and spring semesters.

  • Residence charge of single room is RMB9,000 per semester, double room is RMB7,000 per semester.

  • International Travel includes an estimate of the cost of one roundtrip from an international destination to Shanghai for international students, typical visa costs, and in the case of additional health check and registration costs associated with establishing legal residence in China for non-Chinese students.  Students wishing to return to their home countries during breaks in their study before the end of the year should budget additional funds for these trips.

  • Domestic Travel includes two return trips (RMB1,000 each) for PRC students to go back hometown during Chinese vacation.

  • For detailed information about insurance, please click here: International students are required to purchase and enroll in the Health Insurance Plan(including SOS) from the university.

  • All the students must pay a refundable Campus Deposit of RMB 10,500/USD1,500. The deposit would be used to pay for the costs of replacement or repairs of losses and damages caused to university properties and some miscellaneous charges such as residence damages, excessive cleaning, refrigerator rental, library overdue fines, damaged or lost books, replacement processing fees, etc.

  • The DKU-Durham Plan includes a summer continuation fee, currently estimated to be $4,160 USD, or if taking courses, a charge currently estimated to be $3,495 per credit hour, i.e. $10,485 USD for a 3-credit-hour course. In the DKU-China Plan, there are no charges for summer. During fall semester of the second year, students in the DKU-China Plan study at DKU in Kunshan City. Students in the DKU-Durham Plan can choose to study either at DKU or at Duke University. During fall semester, students at DKU pay the DKU tuition net their DKU scholarship, and students at Duke University pay a Duke University tuition net scholarship that is currently estimated to be $22,610 USD. Please see for additional details on cost.


All students are automatically considered for merit scholarships based on their Graduate School application – no additional application is required.  In addition, accepted students may apply for scholarships and awards based on financial need, country of origin, and field of study.  For details on how to apply for these scholarships and awards, please contact the  Medical Physics program directly.